NLP & Hypnotic Sales Strategies

Hey, Ty Tribble here...

Have you ever felt like someone was trying to hypnotize you into buying a product or service online or through email?

I see it all of the time.

They try to give you the guru gaze and snake you into spending a bunch of money on stuff you might not need (often times stuff that is way over the head of the newest marketers).

When I first got started marketing, I took a different approach (and still take this approach today).

It's simple and something you can start doing today:

Most people are looking for something when they start out researching online.

So if you can provide "no-hype" information like a product or service comparison, you will have a good shot at turning some of these researchers into buyers.

I'm not talking about a goofy VisalusScam blog posts like we see everywhere.

This is about offering real information.

I have a number of students who are part of Ann Sieg's Daily Marketing Coach program and many of them ask me how to best market the program to others.

Here are a couple of tips (you will find a bunch more tips in two of my specific BloggerPop Tutorial Videos on this topic):

  • Keep up with what is launching online and do a real review of the product or service as it relates to your niche.
  • Compare two products/services and have someone on Fiverr create an Infographic that shows the differences.
  • Do a video walk-through/demo of the product or service.

When you review an affiliate product, be sure to add in your own affiliate links and remember to be completely honest and transparent in all you do.

You only get one reputation, use it wisely.

Talk Soon -

Ty Tribble


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 Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber